Multimedia solutions that resonate with brand audiences.

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About Resonant Image

Resonant Image
offers a wide array of creative multimedia and strategic services for brands, companies, foundations, and other remarkable organizations. We assist and educate our clients in making the best use of the solutions we build in collaboration with them. Our passion for people, our flair for ideas, broad experience, and creativity are at the heart of everything we do. We can help you resonate with customers, communicate your mission, bring understanding to your products, build greater value, and loyalty to your brand image.

As a divison of Gilded Magic Publishing, we offer a variety of print and on-line publication services to help independent authors, publishing houses and other businesses create superior publications, and end user experiences. When you are ready to produce something phenomenal, we're ready to help!

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Creativity is key to designing the best solutions for brand resonance

Brand resonance is the strong connection between consumers and their preferred brand. Brands with strong resonance benefit from increased customer loyalty and decreased vulnerability to competitive changes in the market. The challenge for any brand is to ensure that the customer has the right experiences to create relatable brand knowledge and greater consumer loyalty. Drawing on deep customer insights, ideation, and creative brainstorming are key to creating experiences that reinforce a customer's choice to use your brand.

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Interactive Design
We produce clean designs and easy-to-use interfaces, so your content, publications, tradebooths, websites and E-learning solutions look fresh and stay attractive.
Premium  Support
Providing the best service is simply part of our DNA. We offer a full complement of imaging and multimedia support services that scale to the needs of your business.
Branding Services
As a strategic partner, we help organizations grow through expert brand strategy and design. Our approach is thoughtful, collaborative, and rooted in real business goals.

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Our Team

Sherry K. Brubaker

CEO, Gilded Magic Publishing

Sherry Brubaker is an award winning author, co-founder and business partner who with Robert Brubaker started Resonant Image and Gilded Magic Publishing.

Robert A. Brubaker

Chief Design Officer

Robert Brubaker is an award-winning author, designer and  co-founder whose mission is to provide clients with the best products and experiences.